Yes! Our Call Center Is In The USA.

The other day, I had a problem with a video game I was trying to install.  I couldn’t find the answer online, so I called the software company’s technical support number.  After fighting with their voice-recoginition phone prompts and waiting on hold for 25 minutes, I finally reached a real person.  It was then clear that this person was most likely not in the United States due to a fairly large lanuage barrier.
When I need help for a product that I purchased in the United States, I like it to be as easy as possible.  Outsourcing customer and technical support to a foreign country – to save a few bucks – is a mistake that will cost much more in reputation and client frustration.  I know I am not the only one who feels this way.  The Wall Street Journal even wrote an article on this very topic titled “How Offshore Outsourcing Affects Customer Satisfaction.”
Tel-Tron emergency call systems are designed and made in America- and that includes our technical support system for clients in the United States.  We are headquartered on the Atlantic Coast of Florida.  I am from Wisconsin and Damon, our lead support analyst, is from Michigan.  Yes, those are both close to Canada, but we’re still American-made.
When you call technical support, I can’t promise that you will never have to wait to talk to us.  But we do give you other options to get in touch with technical support and open a support ticket.  You can email us at or open a web case via our customer-only web site (requires login).
Yes, we do have a small phone tree (2 options) that you need to go through.  But I can promise you that when you call Tel-Tron technical support, the person that you’re talking to is sitting in an office in either Florida or Arizona.  If you need to call our 24-hour emergency line, you’re talking to one of us at home.
For more contact information, you can visit our contact page by clicking here.
Maybe I’m a bit biased, but I think we provide support that’s better than the support you’ll receive from Dell or Microsoft.  We actually work for Tel-Tron and are experts on the nurse call system that you rely on to keep your residents safe.  We actually look forward to talking to you and will develop a long-lasting relationship with you, and your Tel-Tron system.

About Cheyenne Gillingham, Technical Support Manger
Technical support manager for Tel-Tron Technologies in Daytona Beach, FL.

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