We’re Willing to Go the Distance to Grow With Our Partners

China photo collage


(Literally: Reading ten thousands of books is not as useful as traveling ten thousand miles)

Malcolm Graham in China

Where is your company headed? Are all of your business partners focused on your goals and realizing your vision? Growing with our partners isn’t a theoretical exercise or an empty sentiment pledged in a sales meeting; when our business partners need us most we ensure that we don’t take half measures.

We start our journey and travel ten thousand miles with them. When our partners move into new cultural markets it would be easy for us to simply take a product designed for one culture and apply it to another. One size fits all right? Nope, our partners don’t do that and we wouldn’t do it either. Rather, we’re participating in the kind culturally specific and operationally necessary joint development projects that give our partners access to capabilities and resources they’ve never had access to in the past. This new access is giving them marketable differentiators that prospective residents and their families care about.

 When Cascade Healthcare and our partners at Emeritus Senior Living asked us to participate in the very first US led senior housing development in China we jumped. We didn’t jump into theoretical discussions or text books; we jumped into the challenges of our partner and the lifestyles of their future residents.
We worked on developing solutions for their unique opportunities that included language barriers being removed, culturally relevant documentation and marketing materials being available to their staff, and the capability of managing and effecting immediate operational change from half a world away. We’ve also made great friends that are passionate about changing the world they live in. You can learn more Cascade Healthcare’s China facility here. 

We’re working with our partners to help them bridge cultures and we’re getting our hands dirty with them in the process. We’re eating with their residents and learning about their families, sharing experiences and gaining understanding. We’re working with their other critical business partners to streamline processes and reduce cost. We’re working hand in hand with our partners’ employees to understand how we make their jobs easier. We’re walking step by step with our partners to develop new programs and processes, rooted in already owned technology that reduce cost and improves efficiency right now.bridge

We have a continued history of working together with our clients to maximize the value of human interaction, not just reduce it. We’re building bridges one partnership at a time and we’re listening to what matters most to you. We’re turning your vision into an integrated, efficient, fully realized workflow solution that enables your team to run a better business and improve the quality of your residents lives.  More on Cascade Healthcare utilizing Tel-Tron technology in its Shanghai facility here.

When I look across the Bund in Shaghai at Pudong’s amazing architecture and brilliant lights it gives me a moment of pause when I consider that fourteen years ago it was a vegetable garden. The vision of our industry is changing nearly as quickly. The opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors is narrowing and the time is rapidly approaching for us all to be performing at our maximum potential.

When we come across senior living providers we haven’t worked with closely it’s always refreshing to learn about new programs, new viewpoints and new opportunities to develop enterprise integrations and customized solutions that allow you to flexibly integrate with what’s important to your program. If your current partners have you both stuck in a box limited by whatever technology they have the ability to resell, if you’re stuck wondering how to make a square peg fit in a round hole, we would love to talk to you about your vision.

 Looking across the Bund in Shaghai at Pudong

Looking across the Bund in Shaghai at Pudong’s amazing architecture and brilliant lights gives you a moment of real pause when you consider that 14 years ago it was a vegetable garden.

Many of our clients have realized the ability to significantly change their business through honest collaboration with our design and development teams. We’ve become experts at giving customers what they want, developing joint marketing strategies and streamlining their workflow and communication through the use of technology.

We would genuinely appreciate the opportunity to learn about the outcomes you envision for your team, the residents in your care and their families. If you’d like to build something amazing together let me know. I’ve got a few friends eager to create new opportunities with your team.


During our time spent in China, we had the privilege of sharing experiences with residents and observing them throughout various portions of their daily lives. Some of the most touching moments were during group activities. In this video, residents participate in cheerful group song. The energy and happiness that filled the room was an inspirational reminder that despite cultural gaps, some things are universal.


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