E-Call Systems are Boring

E-Call is BoringFirst, I want to introduce myself.  My name is Kevin Manley.   I’m Tel-Tron’s new Director of Marketing and SaaS (that’s Software-as-a-Service, not Sass).  You may have seen the great press release I wrote about myself a few weeks ago.  I’ve been at Tel-Tron for about 2 ½ months now and my primary observation so far about the E-Call (Emergency Call) industry is that this is some pretty dry stuff.  The last time there was any levity in this business was “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” and that wasn’t even supposed to be funny.  It was just bad acting.

Leading Age and ALFA
Absurdly Happy SeniorI was sent to help at our booth at the Leading Age Expo two weeks after I joined Tel-Tron, ready to talk about our products.  As I walked around the Expo, I saw a lot of E-Call devices and booths showing absurdly happy stock-photography seniors.  Ever notice that those same exact happy stock-photography seniors are on all of the senior living marketing materials?  Maybe you have to be a marketer to notice that kind of thing.  A few months later I attended ALFA (with a little more industry knowledge under my belt).  I observed that one common topic that no one was talking about in the break-out sessions at Leading Age or ALFA was E-Call systems.  Why?  Because it’s boring.  We don’t really want to talk about it either (except our engineers … they love this stuff).

To be fair, “boring” doesn’t mean to imply that E-Call is a commodity or unnecessary.  You count on your E-Call system to work flawlessly to protect your residents.  We also count on sophisticated airplanes to fly us all around the world, but we don’t talk about them.

What is everyone talking about?

So, then, what were the topics that senior-living leaders were talking about at Leading Age and ALFA?

They were … Regulatory Compliance, Staff Accountability, ROI/NOI, Fall Detection, Elopement, Resident Dignity, Family Peace of Mind, Risk Management, Efficiency through Technology, and Sales & Marketing.

What may surprise you is that these are also the same topics that we talk about at Tel-Tron.  We don’t talk about E-Call.  We talk about your business.  We know that having the right E-Call partner and system can directly affect each of these areas and help you run a better business.

Improving Your Business
ROI Growth
If you really do want to talk with us in detail about E-Call systems, we don’t recommend calling right after a large lunch.  That would become naptime.  However, if you’d like to chat about how having Tel-Tron as your life-safety partner can affect the business outcomes that are important to you, call us anytime.

Over the next few weeks, my posts will cover several of the topics above that are important to senior-living operators and owners and, therefore, important to us.  Feel free to add a comment.

Tel-Tron – An Untapped Referral Source

Referrals Network Illustration

Having been a senior living operator for the past 20 years, I know that vendors have an impact on your business. But I really never realized how significant that relationship could be until this month.

Each month, Tel-Tron has a company lunch with all of our employees, including those who are not in the field with customers. It is a great opportunity to spend time with your colleagues and learn what is happening within the company. This month at our lunch, our CEO asked for a showing of hands on who had ever been asked to recommend a senior living community based on the fact that they worked at Tel-Tron. I was surprised at how many hands were raised – I think most operators would be. Our Technical Support, Finance, Admin, Sales, and Engineering – almost every operating department at Tel-Tron had someone who had been asked to recommend a community.

Being an operator, naturally I have been asked that question countless times, but I hadn’t given much thought to vendors being asked that. Having been an end-user of Tel-Tron’s products and services for many years, it had never occurred to me to utilize the company relationship to gain referrals.

Our interactions and visits across the country at the corporate level include Chief Officers, Clinicians, Procurement, Asset Managers, Accountants, Regional and Divisional Operations, and Property Management. At the community level, we interact daily with Maintenance, Executive Directors, Business Office Managers, Concierge, Nurses, Med-Techs, and Caregivers. Tel-Tron equipment is installed in over 1,000 communities across the country and Tel-Tron employees walk into several hundred communities per year.

By the end of the meeting, I realized that all of our employees here at Tel-Tron are in the senior housing business and have a great ability to impact day-to-day operations, including increasing prospects knowledge of your community, and yes, REFERRALS!

So the next time you’re hosting an event at your community, invite your Tel-Tron representative. If you have new information on products or services you are offering, don’t hesitate to share it with us. That way, we can truly be the partner we set out to be, helping you build a better business.

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